Friday, November 07, 2008

The Verlaines

The Verlaines are one of my favorite New Zealand bands from the storied days of the Flying Nun label. Founded and led by classically trained guitarist Graeme Downes, the band is known for their literate vocals and complex song structures—not surprising, given Downes actually attained his PhD between recordings, and has maintained an academic life with regard to his day job.

Here I’ve posted some of my favorite cuts, which spans through much of their material from their first notable single, 1983’s Death and the Maiden, to a track off their forthcoming release Pot Boiler, which was apparently recorded at the end of 2007. Enjoy!

Death and the Maiden

Joed Out


Take Good Care of It

Bird Dog

All Laid On

Don't Send Me Away

Jesus What A Jerk

Damn Shame

This Train

Hanging By Strands

Gloom Junky

It's Easier To Harden a Broken Heart

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