Friday, May 29, 2009

Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love

A little late in getting to this one. But thankfully, Stephen McBean has kept Pink Mountaintops going after focusing much of his attention to his day job with Black Mountain the past few years. Outside Love is a great album, and in some ways even stronger than Axis of Evol. Woozy, boozy, bluesy rock that perfect for the Summertime.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications

If I happened to have a baby boy instead of a girl 19 months ago, I’d have named him Jarvis. That’s largely based on my high opinion of the man. And with his second time going solo, he’s put out another great album. Not quite as strong as his first perhaps, but excellent indeed. Take into consideration the production of Steve Albini, which adds more guitar edge to the whole affair. Thankfully, it’s not overdone and works quite well for the most part. I’m partial, but it remains one of the strongest releases of the year thus far.