Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Before Night Falls Soundtrack

If you don’t think you like Cuban music, or don’t know much about it, this soundtrack from Carter Burwell will make you a fan. He's chosen amazing songs from classic artists. Perfect for hot Summer listening.

El Tumbaito by Guayabero

El Que Siembra Su Maíz by Trio Matamoros

Los Tamalitos de Olga by Orquesta Aragon
Crisantemo by Ernesto Lecuona
Duerme by Bebo Valdes
Conoci la Paz by Beny More
El Canonero by Beny More
Tu Veras by Trio Matamoros
Ay Mariposa by Pedro Luis Ferrer
El Trio y el Cicion by Trio Matamoros
Descarga Sonora by Sonora Matancera
Por Que Me la Dejaster Querer? by Bola De Nieve
Balloon Escape by Carter Burwell
Kamata Mariyam by Fairuz
The Return from the Hospital by Carter Burwell


Anonymous said...
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thehipi said...

One of my favorite albums and movies of all time! Thanks!