Friday, August 08, 2008

Stereolab - Chemical Chords

With the release of Chemical Chords, I’m sure there will be the inevitable comparisons to their previous work along with criticisms that there’s not a whole lot new going on here. But you can’t run away from yourself, and that’s a good thing in the case of Stereolab. Take a good listen, and there is indeed a bit of evolution in their meticulously-crafted sound, albeit with subtle instrumentation and structures.

The band is working well again with Sean O’Hagan—his influence adds without overwhelming. This enjoyable recording is decidedly upbeat, and has me at least as excited as that “brown” album they put out years ago.

Three Women

Daisy Click Clack


Tommy Himself said...


Found the blog today (08.09.08) via The Commercial Zone.

Love what you're doing. You have a real good taste in music.


Rob said...

Thanks! Glad to hear you like the blog.

I really appreciate the positive feedback as I get so little of it.

Steve Furman said...


Stereolab's Three Women is a great straight ahead cut. Classic Special K appeal. Nice blog. Short, but insightful comments. Have been digging back through the archives a bit. Keep going!